The Easter Story

If you missed...

As we launched Grace Church online a few weeks ago, our children and families followed Jesus on his journey in Luke’s Gospel (March 29th - April 19th). Through these four passages, children will discover the story of Jesus' death and resurrection as the most amazing story ever told. Based on the book, The Wonder of Easter, by Ed Drew.

If you missed these sessions, you can find them below.

Click on the images below to find ideas split into 3-5s, 5-7s, 8-11s with an 'extra stretch' section for 11+yrs

There is also a 'Mixed Ages: 3-11yrs' for families with a wide age spread.

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A note for parents (click here to read)

These sessions were originally designed for large Sunday kids groups for a 1 hour+ session, so scan through what would be achievable in your household for 20-30 mins. You may find some of the following tips from us and 'Faith in Kids' helpful:

  • Read through the Bible passage first–they are all from Luke’s gospel.

  • Read through the lesson–pick out the activities your kids will enjoy. You may need to gather a couple of props from around the house and print out some activity sheets.

  • No printer? No problem! Have kids (or yourself) write or draw something they hear or see. White boards/ chalk boards/ playdoh are also good for on-the-go drawing and modelling!

  • You know your family–play to your strengths. If you are arty and creative go all out on making and acting. If you are thoughtful and reserved, spend more time on discussion questions and use worksheets.

  • Older children and teenagers could lead discussion times and prep visuals/power point.

  • Consider FaceTiming/ Skyping/ including someone else, especially if you are a smaller family. Particularly think about those who are on their own. Or include another family who don’t feel confident doing this themselves.

  • Pray together, ask the Holy Spirit to help everyone hear and believe - we're not on our own. Ask God to help us love one another and trust him.

  • Model worship through singing, praying and opening the Bible together. Remind everyone the church is God's family- a group of people who love and trust Jesus - not a building.

  • Look around you at the situation. How does this word from God speak to it? How is he making sense of what we are seeing and feeling?

  • Be encouraged–no matter how it went. No matter who argued, fell out, or lost the plot - this was a win. You pointed your family to Jesus in a time of crisis. We often learn good things through how we handle what went badly!

  • Enjoy yourselves! There are lots of negatives about our current restrictions. Make family worship a positive highlight. Laughing and smiling is to be encouraged!

Click here to download 'Taken away by guards' March 29th

Click here to download 'Saved! Just in time.' April 5th

Click here to download 'Jesus is alive!' April 12th

Click here to download 'He's gone. We're still happy.' April 19th

The Easter Story - Saddleback

A great overview of the story of Easter for children under 10 years.

Jesus Storybook Bible - God's Wonderful Surprise

David Suchet narrates the story of the Resurrection as written by Sally Lloyd-Jones. A 5-minute video to watch on Easter Sunday.


The Gospel of Luke Ch. 19-23

A short video looking at the final week of Jesus' life as seen in Luke 19 - 23

The Gospel of Luke Chapter 24

A short video on Jesus' resurrection - the disciples's view of the world is turned upside down

Sacrifice and Atonement

A short video explaining God's removal of evil in the world without destroying the human race. It looks at God's 'covering' of sin through animal sacrifice which ultimately points to Jesus' death + resurrection.

Something to think about

Questions to ask after watching each video...

  • What did you like about the content of the video?

  • Was there anything you didn't like or didn't understand?

  • What did the video make you think about Jesus?

Pray together