Family Worship

Rachael shares how her family worships together... Click here!

If this is a new thing for your family to be doing - be brave, give it time, smile at the times it doesn't go how you planned (because it will almost never be that way!) and try again next time. These times are precious for sharing faith and worship moments with our children. Enjoy this time! Here are some ways our family worships together...


Start by creating a Spotify or Youtube playlist of music that you and your children enjoy and would recognise from a Sunday morning (we like an eclectic mix: Pat Barrett, Hillsong, Bethel, old hymns & gospel music!).

Musical instruments- we love a good sing song in our house! Whatever it sounds like we get out the guitar, sit at the piano or put on some music to sing worship songs with the children around. They sometimes join in! You could help younger ones make instruments to play.


Gratitude tree- on a large piece of paper, draw a tree trunk and branches, on leaves cut out of paper, (or real leaves!) we write things we are thankful for through the week and use these as prompts for prayers of thankfulness.

Family prayer journal- God answers prayer! But we are a forgetful people, help your children to remember what they have prayed to encourage them when God answers and speaks. The kids can be involved by either writing or drawing what or who they want to pray for.

Family prayer jar- encourage your children to add to it during the week and pray those things together.

A jar of lollypop sticks with prompts written on, e.g "Thank you God for.....," "God please help me/us with....", "God, I'm sorry for....please forgive me." and any others that are unique to your family such as situations or names of family members or friends to remember in prayer.


Scripture memorisation- we think this is a key part of discipling our children. God has given them brains that absorb information and words. We want them to hide Gods word in their hearts (Psalm 119 vs 11). We do this in lots of ways... singing songs (Seeds Family Worship are great for this) games (put each word of the verse on a separate piece of paper, spread them across the floor and jump from one to the other in the correct order) puzzles and drama.

These are some of our favourite songs to share with Grace Kids. Why not pick a song each week to learn together and worship God with? Let us know your favourite one!

'Pray at all Times'

Nick and Becky Drake, Worship for Everyone

'God Made Everything'

Awesome Cutlery

'Creator God'

Nick and Becky Drake, Worship for Everyone

'Every Step'

Nick and Becky Drake, Worship for Everyone

Keep in Step

Awesome Cutlery

It's a new, new day

Awesome Cutlery


Saddleback Kids

Children of the Bible

Hillsong - Funny Man Dan

My Lighthouse - Rend Collective

Alive - Hillsong Kids

Waymaker - Leeland

Who you say I am - Hillsong

King of Me - Rend Collective

Ask Seek Knock - Hillsong Kids

Rescuer - Rend Collective

The God of Wow - Sovereign Grace Kids

As the World Shakes - Hillsong

Counting Every Blessing - Rend Collective

God I look to you - Bethany Worhle

Build My life - Pat Barrett ft. Chris Tomlin

We've created some Spotify playlists:

Follow 'gracechurchexeter' on Spotify and find three playlists to dance, worship and sing around your house: